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How can I host NCCYPAA in my town?



The Advisory Council would like to extend an invitation to the young people in your area to bid on the Conference. We would love to hear a bid from the young people in your community to host the next NCCYPAA. 


If the young people of AA in your area decide they want to bid, they should plan to present a “bid packet”  (consisting of documentation on how they are meeting each of the Bidding Requirements) at the next conference. A bid packet consists of documentation on how they are meeting each of the Bidding Requirements. If possible, we’d like to get the bid packets on Friday night of the Conference. We will hear bids on Saturday morning and make a decision on where the next NCCYPAA will be held. This will be announced at a speaker meeting on Saturday night of the Conference. Please share this invitation along with the bidding requirements and email the Advisory Council. Don’t hesitate to send any questions!


What Is The Purpose Of Hosting A NCCYPAA…?

The annual Conference is held in a different city each year. The city is chosen by the Advisory Council. That means… your city can host the Conference.

NCCYPAA was formed to keep the miracle of sobriety continuing throughout our state by carrying AA’s message. We encourage recovery by offering young people the opportunity to speak to people in their own peer groups… other young people who are sober by practicing AA’s Twelve Steps.


How Can We Host A NCCYPAA?

There are many ways to get involved with NCCYPAA… attend the Conference and become an outreach person for your city is one such way. To get involved in the process, the bidding city would form a committee that would put together a “bid”. A “bid” consists of a hotel package and a statement of need supporting why your area should be selected to host the Conference. To accomplish this, you must secure a hotel capable of hosting a conference where attendance figures range from 200 to 300 participants, raise funds to meet the resulting financial responsibilities, and obtain the support of our statewide AA service bodies. The formal bid requirements are listed below.

The next step is to put in a bid at the upcoming Conference. Please remember, although this may sound confusing, the NCCYPAA Advisory Council is always there to share their experience, strength, and hope with you throughout the bidding process. They are more than happy to answer any questions you have and they will provide your committee guidance along the way. The NCCYPAA Advisory Council meets four times a year and at the NCCYPAA Conference. For more information, mail your questions to:

NCCYPAA Advisory Council

P.O. Box 1056 Holly Springs, NC 27540


What Is A Bid?

  • A bid is a proposal to host the Conference in your city. Every year at the Conference the Advisory Council holds a session where the different bid committees can present their bids.

  • A formal bid meets the bid requirement with subtitles 1 through 7 being strongly suggested.

  • A walk-in bid is a spontaneous bid with little or no previous preparation.

  • A token bid is a practice presentation for feedback and guidance to better enable the bidder with insights for preparing future bids.


After a committee is awarded the bid, that committee disbands and forms a new Host Committee.


Formal Bid Requirements

  1. Three (3) AA members with a minimum of one (1) year sobriety must present the bid. Bidding cities will be allowed a maximum of thirty (30) minutes for their presentation. Bidders must have proposals from at least two (2) hotels, including dates showing availability of banquet and speaking rooms in the hotels and proof that the hotel requires no commitment as to the number of people attending, and general pricing for meeting space, room rates, and coffee.

  2. Bidders must provide a permanent mailing address for the Conference. It is suggested that a P.O. Box is established for the specific use of the NCCYPAA Bid Committee.

  3. Assurance must be given that no large scale AA activity will be held in their city within a thirty (30) day period before and 30 day period after the Conference date taking into consideration other young peoples’ conferences. Statements confirming this must be provided in the bid package from:

    1. The AA area chairman

    2.  District Committee Member (DCM) or regional counterpart

  4. Prospective bidders will be required to demonstrate financial autonomy and responsibility, being directly involved in any activity from which funds are generated, by following the framework of the AA traditions

  5. Bidders must provide one (1) concise statement illustrating their reasons for bidding.

  6. Prospective bidders must read, understand, and agree with the requirements as written in the Host Committee responsibilities.


Recommendations and Suggestions Once Receiving the Bid

  1. Return to your city and hold an election meeting with the young people in your area to select your officers and sub-committee chairs. Experience has shown that outreaching this election will go a long way toward building a large, unified committee.

  2. District and area committees are valuable resources.  We encourage Host Committee members to participate in district and area meetings in a non-voting capacity.

  3. At the Conference, wherever the main registration is located, or the main focal point is, we urge that nothing but AA and or NCCYPAA material be sold. Experience has shown that a "flea market" can develop and those who are unfamiliar with our traditions can be misled, especially pertaining to the press, radio and films. Please keep the Twelve Traditions in mind at all times.

  4. Many conference attendees travel great distances to hear and meet with other young alcoholics and to learn how they achieved sobriety. With this in mind, the Host Committee should endeavor to obtain speakers to whom young alcoholics can relate. In keeping with our singleness of purpose, it is imperative to select speakers who are mindful of the 5th tradition and avoid speaking of outside issues as well as refrain from using profanity during their speech.

  5. Keeping in mind the 7th Tradition, we suggest that speakers be offered reimbursement for their expenses, including room, travel, and conference attendance fees. We suggest that panelists be offered free conference attendance.

  6. Please outreach the Conference and any "early bird" events as soon as possible. 


The Conference

All NCCYPAA Conferences shall be designated as such with a year and place, so as to preserve their autonomy and character. They shall not be held in conjunction or in conflict with any AA event or other function, keeping in mind our 6th Tradition.


All Host/Bid Committee accounts, mailing addresses, letter heads, or any other printed materials should be labeled as such: Host City name followed by "for NCCYPAA" as not to conflict with council material (ex. Greensboro Host Committee for NCCYPAA '97).


All Host/Bid Committees are responsible for their own expenses and cannot expect the Council to assume any financial obligations. In keeping with the 7th Tradition, all Conference Host Committees ought to be fully self-supporting. All material and financial assistance given, along with the Conference proceeds after expenses, shall be returned to the Council. The Host Committee may make donations of up to 20% of the proceeds to the local service structure (Intergroups, Districts, or Area Assemblies). All other proceeds are to be given to the Council. The Host Committee has thirty (30) days after the Conference date to close their bank account and forward a financial statement and proceeds to the Advisory Council Treasurer. They also must forward experience packets within this timeframe. It is the newly elected Advisory Council members’ responsibility to make sure this occurs.


The Conference Host Committee should be offered all prior Conference material together with whatever individual or collective information the Council Members possess. Once chosen, the Host Committee has complete autonomy from the Council, except in matters affecting NCCYPAA or AA as a whole. They are a distinct committee chosen by the Council and should function within the guidelines of this document and the Twelve Traditions, free of Council domination but with the knowledge that it stands ready to assist when requested or when the Host Committee appears to be in difficulty. Then, it would seek to find ways and means of salvaging the Host Committee.


After the bid committee is awarded the Conference, they are responsible for returning to their home city and promptly (within one month) outreaching and establishing the time and location of the primary Host Committee elections. The primary Host Committee elections are to be conducted by the Advisory Council and must follow 3rd Legacy procedures as outlined in the AA Service Manual.


Each Host Committee member elected to a primary committee position must agree to work closely with their appointed Advisory Council advisor to ensure that they fulfill their commitment to the Conference by understanding and executing their appointed responsibilities thoroughly.


It is suggested that the Chairperson and Treasurer of the Host Committee have a minimum of 1 year of sobriety. The breaking of sobriety of any signator on the bank account would result in the closure of said account or removing that person’s signature immediately.


The Host Committee is not to sell NCCYPAA novelties outside of NCCYPAA sponsored events.


The Advisory Council does reserve a veto power over any Host Committee action; this is legally necessary and right in principle.


The Host Committee Treasurer is responsible to provide the Advisory Council Treasurer with monthly financial transaction reports and balance sheets.


Host Committee Responsibilities

If your committee is selected to host the Conference, you will be acting on the behalf of the North Carolina Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (NCCYPAA). With this relationship come certain specific responsibilities. They are as follows:


  1. Where scheduling is concerned, please consider dates which are in the least possible conflict with other activities in your area and wherever possible, activities in your region.

  2. Establish a registration flyer detailing the dates, location, directions, committee and facility contact phone numbers, the NCCYPAA  address Host Committee PO Box address, as well as any other important information a person would need to attend the Conference. The flyer should not be produced until a contract is signed between the facility and the hotel chairperson.

  3. Establish various sub-committees as you see fit for the performance of specific aspects needed for the planning of the Conference. (The Service Positions to NCCYPAA may provide helpful guidelines).

  4. Select from the Host Committee three (3) people to serve as Advisory Council Members as well as three (3) alternates using guidelines from the NCCYPAA By-Laws. The selection meeting is to be held with the presence of an Advisory Council Member within thirty (30) days prior to the start of the Conference.

  5. Provide the Advisory Council with copies of the Host Committee’s meeting minutes within two weeks of the meetings occurrence.

  6. Each Conference must be designated by whichever number it represents in numerical history (i.e. NCCYPAA 1, or 1st NCCYPAA). This is to preserve the autonomy and character as well as NCCYPAA’s continuity.

  7. Schedule the following meetings on your program: “How to Bid for NCCYPAA Workshop” on Friday evening after the 8:00 PM speaker and the “Bid Session for NCCYPAA” on Saturday morning at 9am.

  8. A room must be made available for use by the Advisory Council for meetings throughout the weekend.

  9. Save time for announcements by the Advisory Council at the end of the Saturday night meeting.

  10. Provide the Advisory Council space to display the NCCYPAA Archives.

  11. Present the NCCYPAA banner to the new host cityand invite people to next year’s Conference.

  12. Conference facilities must only be used for NCCYPAA related events.

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